Golfing Etiquette – The COVID-19 Way

Springwater Golf Course have proposed temporary new rules and advice for members & participants which can be helpful to anyone hoping to play golf in the county this weekend and beyond (or at least until told otherwise).

The club have updated their members and visitors with some new safe and easy rules to follow as they hope to see new and existing players taking to the tee as they look to fulfil their sporting fix.

Springwater have insisted on social distancing with a two metre rule on tee grounds, greens and throughout the rounds so that players can keep a safe distance from one and other.

The flags are to be left in the holes at all times and all bunker rakes have been removed with golfers told not to share equipment and to only pick up their ball.

The club have also re-arranged shop and bar equipment to encourage social distancing with hand shaking not permitted.

This might seem extreme but to continue playing sport and to play the best carefree golf possible by following these rules will likely keep the course open.

It is likely that other courses across Nottinghamshire will inject similar implications over the time that they are open as golf is one of the very few sports right now where for non-competition playing participants at least that is open for business (almost) as usual.

*Main image @GolfSpringwater the Springwater Golf Club in Calverton is still currently open for business.

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