Lewis Carr “I Want To Win The League”

Basford United defender, Lewis Carr, spoke to media about his promotion aims, his new contract and last season.

Speaking to Basford TV, Carr expressed his aims for next season. “My target is I want to win the league, I want to win every game I play in. I want us to have a good team together.”

Carr also expressed his joy at signing a new contract: “I am buzzing to still be at the club. It has been heading in the right direction since I came four years ago and the goal to go as high as possible hasn’t changed.”

With the signature on his new contract, Carr is one of Basford’s longest-serving players and says the club’s aims haven’t really changed since he joined: “We have always had the same message and goals. Obviously, new faces come in and go out, but I think it has always been handled correctly. The team hasn’t suffered in terms of progression.”

Before the season was declared null and void, Basford were progressing, sitting comfortably in the playoffs.

“We were in a strong position and felt like we could beat any team in the league on our given day.” said Carr, “so we’d fancy ourselves in the playoffs if we can get into it.

“Obviously, we would have liked to have been competing for the title. But it was heading in the right direction for a strong finish and a good performance in the playoffs.”

With the lockdown still ongoing, Carr has been keeping fit, partaking in runs every day so, when the green light comes, he is ready for action.

“I am excited about next season. I know it isn’t going to be anytime soon but when it is, the internal fire will be lit and I’ll be ready.”

With the fire dampened, for now, Carr wants a strong 2020/21 season for Basford.

“It is, of course, about winning, but I want a strong team who are cohesive and a lot of the new boys I know, they are local and understand the Basford journey hopefully we can pull together and give the fans and the club what it deserves.”

*Article provided by Jonny Drake (Basford United Correspondent).

*Main image @Basfordutdfc Lewis Carr looking for Championship success.

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