Nottingham Panthers

Founded: 1946

Venue: Motorpoint Arena (10,000)

Since: 2000

Head Coach: Tim Wallace

Since: 2019

Division: Elite Ice Hockey League

Since: 2003


Twitter: @PanthersIHC

Founded in 1946 by mostly a group of Canadians from Winnipeg the Nottingham Panthers would play their first competitive game against the Wembley Monarchs at the original Nottingham Ice Stadium which was built in 1939. Playing in the English National League the Panthers won their first two titles in 1951 and 1954 before joining the British National League which they won in 1956 after finishing as runners up in their first season.

In 1960 however the lack of interest of Ice Hockey in Britain was so that it would see the demise of the league and it wouldn’t be until 1980 when Nottingham Panthers were given the chance to come back and participate first playing in the English League South before joining the British Hockey League in 1982.

Panthers would win their first national playoffs in 1989 before the rebuild of the Nottingham Ice Stadium to what is now the National Ice Centre in 2000 kick started a new era in what has since been a most successful period in the history of the Panthers.

Since the Millennium Panthers have won the league championship and five playoff titles with eight challenge cups adding to the six Autumn Cups they won pre 2000.

The biggest of all though was winning the IIHF Continental Cup in 2017 which is Europe’s second tier club competition thus becoming the first team from Britain to win a major European competition.

2021/22 results & fixtures

26.09.21 Dundee Stars (h) 14:00

02.10.21 Coventrty Blaze (h) 19:00

03.10.21 Manchester Storm (a) tba (Challenge Cup Group 3)

09.10.21 Manchester Storm (h) 19:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

16.10.21 Sheffield Steelers (a) 19:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

17.10.21 Cardiff Devils (h) 16:00

20.10.21 Guildford Flames (h) 19:30

23.10.21 Sheffield Steelers (h) 19:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

29.10.21 Belfast Giants (h) 19:30

30.10.21 Cardiff Devils (a) 19:00

06.11.21 Dundee Stars (h) 19:00

07.11.21 Manchester Storm (h) 16:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

13.11.21 Sheffield Steelers (h) 19:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

14.11.21 Manchester Storm (a) 19:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

20.11.21 Coventry Blaze (a) 19:00

21.11.21 Glasgow Clan (h) 19:00

27.11.21 Sheffield Steelers (a) 19:00 (Challenge Cup Group 3)

28.11.21 Fyfe Flyers (h) 16:00

03.12.21 Glasgow Clan (a) 19:30

04.12.21 Dundee Stars (a) 19:00

05.12.21 Fife Flyers (a) tba

11.12.21 Guildford Flames (h) 19:00

12.12.21 Belfast Giants (a) 16:00

18.12.21 Cardiff Devils (a) 19:00

19.12.21 Manchester Storm (h) 16:00

22.12.21 Dundee Stars (a) 19:30

26.12.21 Sheffield Steelers (a) 16:00

27.12.21 Sheffield Steelers (h) tba

31.12.21 Coventry Blaze (h) tba

02.01.22 Coventry Blaze (a) tba

03.01.22 Belfast Giants (h) 19:30

08.01.22 Guildford Flames (a) 19:00

09.01.22 Fife Flyers (h) 16:00

*Elite League unless stated (in brackets)

2021 full squad

Will Kerlin, Kevin Carr, Taylor Doherty, Brady Norrish, J.C. Brassard, Mark Matheson, Josh Tetlow, Steve Lee, Matthew Myers, Robbie Baillargeon, Jordan Kelsall, Jeremy Welsh, Kevin Domingue, Morgan Clarke-Pizzo, Matt Lane, Massimo Carozza, Mathieu Tousignant, Ollie Betteridge, Simon Suoranta, Christophe Boivin.