City Ground Stand Gets Go Ahead

Exciting plans have today been approved by Rushcliffe Council who accept Nottingham Forest Football Club’s proposed rebuilding of the Peter Taylor Main Stand which has stood the time of two European Cup successes a league championship and a fire, since first being refurbished as its current ageing model in 1962.

The club state “Today’s decision represents a significant landmark in the journey to redevelop the historic City Ground site and represents the culmination of 3 years of dedicated work by the club and its advisers.”

Whilst Leader of Rushcliffe Council, Simon Robinson, gladly stated “All parties have shown commitment to get the application through and do the very best for the club, the supporters and Rushcliffe itself.”

The club originally requested their intentions to begin work in 2019 but planning approval and the outbreak of COVID lead to delays and with the team’s impressive performances on the pitch last season, ensuring Premier League football will be played from this, it is now in all parties best interests to get a new stand pushed through with more seating capacity for a higher demand of supporters who hope to attend future top flight matches.

Since the end of last season, the club have only allowed previous season ticket holders to renew, with no new allocations for supporters looking to purchase further annual passes, with redevelopment in mind, and the potential of works being carried out in the summer of 2023.

Should that happen, the City Ground will work to a reduced capacity whilst the Peter Taylor Stand is under construction, but end results will lift the stadium capacity from 30,445 to over 35,000 at a cost said to be worth near £100m.

In their planning application, the club mentioned that the redevelopment would contribute over £800m over the next decade.

Forest officials said on the granting of their green light “The decision now opens the door to the club to have detailed discussions with its advisers and partners on how and when the development will be delivered.”

*Main image @NFFC a proposed drawing of what the new stand will look like.

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