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Goals Galore

Goals are great aren’t they? Let me rephrase that: goals are great unless they’re scored against the team you support! The glut of goals currently being conceded by Forest (12… read more Goals Galore

What Happened To Football?

Professional cricket, golf, rugby union and rugby league. What do they all have in common? That’s right, they continued their programmes of events through the weekend and scheduled time for… read more What Happened To Football?

Keep Calm And Carry On

It’s been a tumultuous week in football, particularly if your team is in the Premiership, even more so if your team is Nottingham Forest! it’s worth taking a deep breath… read more Keep Calm And Carry On

‘Aristocrats’ Spurs On Show

On Sunday, August 28th, the Sky TV circus rolls into town to cover the City Ground late-afternoon fixture. Currently in the top ten of highest-earning clubs in the world, visitors… read more ‘Aristocrats’ Spurs On Show

Then And Now

Some people have it in spades; some people can barely muster a teaspoon full: emotional intelligence. It’s a fancy phrase to describe how well we communicate with one another, how… read more Then And Now

Forest Green Not Red

It’s a Monday evening and the 2021/22 football season has just finished. I’m sat at the back of a hall waiting for other members of our community choir to arrive… read more Forest Green Not Red

And We’re Off!

There was a time (well before the advent of the internet) when newspapers traditionally published football league tables after the first three games. Not any more! Hype, micro-coverage and the… read more And We’re Off!

The Best Laid Plans

Think Robbie Burns and you’d be forgiven for bringing to mind ‘Auld lang syne’ but there are plenty of other fine lines written by the great Scottish poet. “The best… read more The Best Laid Plans

A Weird New Season

It’s summer and it’ll soon be the start of a particularly weird football season. I don’t mean the fact that Forest finally find themselves back in the top flight (yes,… read more A Weird New Season

In The Summertime

Little did I know, when I began writing this column back in March, that I’d be penning a line with ‘Forest’ and ‘Premiership’ in the same sentence! And that play-off… read more In The Summertime

Down Wembley Way

It’s late on a Friday evening in March when I turn off the A1 for Nottingham and lose control of my car. A spin, a bump up the curb and… read more Down Wembley Way

Spirit Of The Game

Biggest smile on the face of a professional footballer this season? Christian Eriksen. Has to be, even before players and teams have scoped up all their medals and trophies. The… read more Spirit Of The Game

The Trent Triangle

The most famous triangle in the world – in popular culture at least – is probably the Bermuda Triangle. It’s an Atlantic ocean area where ships and aircraft have disappeared… read more The Trent Triangle

Storm Forest Heads South

I do like to be beside the seaside, especially if it coincides with a Forest 4-1 win such as against Blackpool, as happened not so long ago! Now there’s another… read more Storm Forest Heads South

Unfinished Business For Forest

A metal bolt bounced off the head of the lad next to me. Then a couple of half-bricks came down, followed by showers of stones like shrapnel. Welcome to Swansea!… read more Unfinished Business For Forest

Jim Baxter – A Flawed Genius

When I first see Jim Baxter in a Forest shirt at the City Ground, I know something isn’t quite right but the sight of him still takes my breath away…. read more Jim Baxter – A Flawed Genius

League Tables Don’t Lie

Forest are currently third in the Championship. I love league tables. Let me rephrase that. I love football league tables (as opposed to those devised by politicians to spread the… read more League Tables Don’t Lie

Forest Building Towards ‘Cathedral’ Status

As Easter approaches each season, clubs line up their sights to assess what might be achieved and what must be avoided. Poet TS Eliot called April ‘the cruellest month’ and… read more Forest Building Towards ‘Cathedral’ Status

Lessons For Life At The City Ground

Bill Shankly, legendary Liverpool manager (1959-74) once famously said – half-jokingly – ‘Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious… read more Lessons For Life At The City Ground

Nottingham Provides Reason To Be Proud

Reasons to be proud of a place are many and varied. A successful football club – on current form think Liverpool, Manchester City and United – brings kudos to a… read more Nottingham Provides Reason To Be Proud