Bygones – Notts Football Team Photos 1900-1949

We have been donated a number of fabulous photos of Nottinghamshire Football Teams from the early half of the 20th century with some famous names that you might have heard of and some not so well known sides from across the county and city of Nottingham. We are always looking to add more which is to the benefit of the sporting people of Notts so please email us at and we’ll not only add to our database for all to see but we’ll also tweet the best ones for everyone to see over twitter.

Magdala Amateurs (1904)

A team which still plays regularly in the Nottinghamshire leagues today, Magdala Amateurs are pictured here little into the turn of the 20th Century only a couple of years after they were formed following their break up from Notts Magdala FC. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Newark Town (1904/05)

Founded in 1868 and still going strong today. In the early days Newark Football Club members were said to have played a style mixed between rugby and association football. Players were not allowed to pick the ball up with their hands but could take it on the hop or bounce. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Nottingham High School (1904/05)

Taken at the Mapperley Sports Ground opposite the old Carrington Lido on Mansfield Road the High Schools first XI pose for a team picture in 1904. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Eastwood Rangers (1905/06)

If anyone can provide any information on this team please get in touch with and tell us what you know about Eastwood Rangers and their existence. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Notts Magdala (1905/06)

Back row: T.H. Watts, H.R. Lymerry, L.W. Hancock, A.S. Bright, F.W. Chapman, F.T. Walker. Front row: J.D. Barnsdale, T. Osborne, H. Bradfield, A.C. Cullen.

In 1902 Notts Magdala’s reserve team broke away to create Magdala Amateurs whilst Notts would lose the ‘Magdala’ tag from its name in 1907. Today the club are still running as Nottinghamshire FC and are said to be the oldest running amateur club in the county. In this photo pictured are JD Barnsdale who would play for Nottingham Forest and Frank Chapman who won a gold medal in the 1908 Olympics whilst playing for the Great Britain soccer team. *Image courtesy of Tim Salmon.

Players (1905/06)

One of the best known local teams of the 20th century were Players FC who’s cigarette factory side played long in the Notts Alliance (winning the Senior Division a record 14 times between 1913 and 1990) with facilities that many were in awe of. Here the team line up in 1905/06. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Beeston Rangers (1907)

If anyone can tell us anything about Beeston Rangers FC please get in touch via with information. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Bulwell Forest Villa (1908/09)

Any information appreciated. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Mansfield Forest Villa (1908/09)

If anyone has any information on this team please get in touch with and help us with any missing links. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Forest Town Mission (1909)

This photo includes Rev. Harry Bull in the centre of the back row who was in charge of St Davids Mission, the first Anglican Church in Forest Town. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Basford United (1915)

One of the most famous non league sides in the county are Basford United who were founded in 1900 and this photo was taken at the clubs old Catchem’s Corner Ground a mere fifteen years since forming and after winning the Notts Alliance Cup in 1915. The club since moved down the road to Mill Street before making Greenwich Avenue their home in the early 1990’s. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Beeston Old Boy Association (unknown)

Formed as the 17th Nottingham Boys Brigade in 1909 the team founder Stephen Hetley Pearson purchased and founded Beeston Lads Club in 1913 with the team playing especially successfully during WWII when they beat both Nottingham Forest and Notts County (10-0) along the way. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Worksop Town (unknown)

Claims state the club was founded in 1861 if true making Worksop Town the fourth oldest surviving football club in the world but with the earliest record of football being played by a team from Worksop in 1873 some questions on dates have since arisen. One thing is for sure the Worksop Town name was first recorded in 1882 although we are unsure of the date of the above photo if anyone can help please email if you know. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Babbington Colliery (1920/21)

No information provided other than we know from experience this team was based at the old Colliery we now know as Cinderhill. Please get in touch with more if you can help provide details on this team. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Arnold Wesleyans (1921/22)

Back row: A. Moore, A. Garratt, D. Howard, S. Godfrey, C. Rose, E. Towle, H. Pinder. Middle row: E. Broughton, L. Berry, W. Beardsall, J. Daws, E. Varley, P. Marco, H. Moore. Front row: T. Henshaw, C. Sharpe, H. Anthony, T. Rose, W. Wheat, E. Johnson, H. Preston, Secretary.

The team photo from their Nottingham Spartan League Division Two runners-up campaign. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Dale Rovers (1922)

Based in Sneinton this team named Dale Rovers pictured here in 1922. *Image cortesy of Jonathan Holt.

Hyson Green (unknown)

This photo is likely to have been taken in the 1920’s but we cannot be for certain. If anyone has more details lease get in touch by emailing with what you know. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Lenton Gregory (1927)

Back row: Joe Byard, Arthur ‘knocker’ Brown, ‘Jigger’ Moore, Jim Hopewell, John Sawdon. Middle row: Tom Wood, Arthur Sawdon, Fred Sills, Bill Lyons, John Attenborough, Harry Wood. Front row: Harry Woolley, Arthur Towle, Bill Dudley, Jack Dudley, Harry Sawdon.

Pictured with the Notts Realm Second Division trophy and the KO Cup which they won that season. *Main image courtesy of Cyril Allen.

Parliament Street Athletic (1931/32)

Formerly known as Parliament Street Methodists (1895-1914) the club re-established in 1926 playing until 1988 largely in the Notts Alliance Football League winning the Division One title in 1974. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Bulwell Thursday (1933/34)

Proudly donning their Notts Thursday League Division Two title from the 1933/34 campaign. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Ransome & Marles (1933/34)

Newark based R&M had a great side in the 1930’s winning a hat-trick of Notts Alliance First Division titles between 1932 & 1935 before reaching the final of the Notts Intermediate Cup in 1936. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Collingham (1936/37)

Formed in 1887 the picture above is of the team proudly displaying the Harrison Cup which they won in the 1936/37 campaign. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Bestwood Colliery (1939/40)

This photo was taken during a cup final at Meadow Lane before outbreak of the second world war interrupted league football across the county. In 1946/47 Bestwood were the first team post WWII to win the Notts Alliance Division One. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Parliament Street Methodist (1946)

The Parliament Street club reverted back to their original name (from Athletic) before the second world war playing their football at Woodview Sports Ground at Colwick Crossings. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Dunkirk (1947)

Back row: Andy Buchanan, Bill Cooper, Frank Woodhead, Dennis Burditt, Harry ‘Ollie’ Bourne, Bob Bragg. Front row: Dennis Stanley, Ken ‘Titch’ Eason, Jack Nix, George Wvleman, Bill Payne.

It was Ron Steel who was responsible for the re-establishment of Dunkirk after WWII with the club playing at Highfields and in the Notts Amateur League before in 1975 moving Trent Side to their current home today. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Netherfield Albion (1947)

Back row: Johnny Williams (Trainer), Jackie Harper, E. Henson, Jackie Bell, Fred Widdowson, Dennis Bidolph, Eric Nicholson, Ernie Allsopp (Secretary). Front row: Arthur Nutt, Charlie Saxton, Des Hickman, Kenny Lamb, unknown, G. Salvin.

Established in 1931 the club has played largely in the Notts Alliance League and Notts Amateur League before joining the NSL until 2018 when the first team disbanded. In this photo the club posed at their old venue on Concrete Road where they played for many years. *Image courtesy of Shaun Pates.

Thoresby Colliery (1948)

Back row: Jebb, J. Rabbitt, C. Sperrink, J. Cullen, L. Fletcher, J. Fletcher, R. Bramley. Front row: Dennis, M. Jones, F. Parr, B. Soar, K. Hibberd, R. Fensom, V. Bentley.

Formed in the 1930’s Thoresby would play their early games on farmer Herbert’s field before moving to their new sports ground on fourth avenue. Over the years several Thoresby players would move to the professional game including Joby Dean who in compensation for his move to Queens Park in Scotland ensured the club would receive a blue and white playing strip which would be the teams club colours for many years. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Raleigh Athletic (1948/49)

The factory team that more famously made bikes. Arguably Raleigh Athletic’s best years were around 12 years earlier than this photo when they won the Notts Alliance followed by the Notts Senior Cup in the mid-late 1930’s. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

Calverton United (1949/50)

If you have any information on this team please email with any details you may have. *Image courtesy of Jonathan Holt.

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