Beeston Hockey Club

Founded: 1907

Venue: Nottingham Hockey Centre

Since: 2010

Men’s Head Coach: Steven Wood & Mark Wadsley

Since: NA

Division: Men’s Hockey League Premier Division

Since: NA

Women’s Head Coach: James Sordillo

Since: 2021

Division: Women’s Hockey League Premier Division

Since: NA


Twitter: @OfficialBeeHC

Formed in 1907 Beeston Hockey Club plays in the top tier of England for both the men and ladies formats and the side over the years has produced many a great international not to mention Olympian with the odd gold medal winning player along the way.

Based on the University Boulevard, Beeston play at the first class former Highfields site now called the Nottingham Hockey Centre which has seen vast improvement since the Millennium turning the venue into an internationally fit for purpose base that is one of the best hockey facilities in Great Britain.

Both teams first XI’s play in the Men’s and Women’s English Hockey League Premier Division with men having won the league three times in its history (2011, 2013 & 2014) with their first trophy coming in 2008 when they won the National Cup Final.

In 2020 both men and women’s teams won the England Hockey Championships in what was the sixth time for the men and first time for the ladies 1st XI with a first ever double celebration with both sides winning the same trophy in the same season.

2022/23 results & fixtures (men)

25.09.22 Oxted (a) 2-2

02.10.22 Reading (h) 2-1

09.10.22 Hampstead & Westminster (a) 1-6

16.10.22 Old Georgian’s (h) 0-5

22.10.22 East Grinstead (h) 1-1

30.10.22 Wimbledon (a) 1-3

06.11.22 Brooklands University Manchester (h) 1-0

12.11.22 University of Nottingham (a) 2-0

20.11.22 University of Exeter (a) 3-5

27.11.22 Holcombe (h) 3-3

04.12.22 Surbiton (a) 1-5

11.02.23 Brooklands University of Manchester (a) 4-3

18.02.23 University of Exeter (h) 4-2

25.02.23 Oxted (h) 1-2

26.02.23 University of Nottingham (h) 2-1

05.02.23 East Grinstead (a) 2-2

11.03.23 Old Georgians (a) 1-4

18.03.23 Holcombe (a) 1-6

25.03.23 Hampstead & Westminster (h) 2-4

*Men’s Premier Division unless stated (in brackets)

2022/23 full squad (men)

Simon Hujwan, Ashley Watson, Pete Hextall, Oriol Roca, Ollie Willars, Kyle Marshall, Robbie Gleeson, Gareth Griffiths, Joe Sharp, Elliot Hibell, Nick Park, Henry Croft, Alex Blumfield, David Griffiths, Adam Dixon, Jonas Holtmanns, Stephen Lawrence, Richard Lawrence, Toby Stanley, Lucas ward, Mark Barlow, Chris Proctor, Sam Apoola, Matthew Crookshanks, James Hunt, Joe Waterston, Matt Mitcham, Stuart Kenwell, Josh Keaveney, Mark Wadsley, Morgan Males, David Bond.

2022/23 results & fixtures (women)

24.09.22 University of Nottingham (h) 2-2

01.10.22 Buckingham (a) 2-1

08.10.22 Reading (h) 3-1

15.10.22 Clifton Robinsons (a) 0-3

22.10.22 Holcombe (a) 3-1

29.10.22 University of Birmingham (h) 2-0

05.11.22 East Grinstead (a) 3-3

12.11.22 Wimbledon (h) 0-0

19.11.22 Surbiton (h) 1-3

26.11.22 Loughborough Students (a) 2-1

03.12.22 Hampstead & Westminster (h) 0-3

11.02.23 East Grinstead (h) 1-7

18.02.23 Hampstead & Westminster (a) 1-0

25.02.23 Wimbledon (a) 1-2

26.02.23 Surbiton (a) 1-4

05.03.23 Clifton Robinsons (h) 5-0

11.03.23 East Grinstead (a) 2-3

18.03.23 Surbiton (h) 1-3

25.03.23 University of Birmingham (a) 2-2

*Women’s Premier Division unless stated (in brackets)

2022/23 full squad (women)

Nikki Cochrane, Jenny Rizzo, Natalie Robson, Carrie Hanks, Mairi Drummond, Ali Eadie, Caro Hulme, Alice Huddlestone, Agus Fernandez, Lauren Burrell, Sophie Robinson, Rebekah Walker, Annie Mills, Rosy Stephens, Charlotte Triggs, Erin Anderson, Katie McKee, Georgia Brown, Esther Chan, Sophie McDowell, Jess Hood, Annie Dalton, Nadia Benallal, Sophie Eldred, Sarah Spooner, Rachel Sharp, Tara Aitcheson, Heidi Devey, Sian Emslie, Sylvia Rose, Paige Gillott, Martha Lawrence, Sophie Glover, Amy Matharu, Jenna Musson, Sarah Brimyard, Rebecca Malyon, Heather Copeland, Nic Wakeland, Sarah Wain, Harriett Dougan, Helen Jelley, Jenna White, Phoebe Emmans, Camilla Warner, Maddie Penty, Jess Barrett-Drylie, Lauren Webster, India Fraser, Tara Lloyd, Katy Teasdale, Ruby Apoola, Hannah Farr, Laura Cavendish.