Nottinghamshire CCC

Founded: 1841

Venue: Trent Bridge (17,500)

Since: 1841

Men’s Head Coach: Peter Moores

Since: 2016

Division: Men’s County Championship Division One

Since: 2022

Women’s Head Coach: Martin Kiel

Since: 2016

Division: Women’s County Championship Division One

Since: 2017


Twitter: @TrentBridge

The oldest existing sports club in Nottinghamshire is the County Cricket Club who’ve been playing their games at the world famous Trent Bridge since 1841.

For many years one of the most successful cricketing teams in the country during the 1800’s Notts were claimed eight times ‘unofficial’ county champion with a further seven joint seasonal wins prior to the birth of the ‘official’ county championship in 1890.

With the likes of John, Billy and George Gunn, Thomas Wass and Albert Hallam the side would win their first County Championship proper in 1907 and in 1929 with the likes of Harold Larwood and Bill Voce they would take the title again but it wasn’t until 1981 with Derek Randall and Tim Robinson amongst the batsmen when Notts would win their third modern league trophy.

The birth of the shorter format of cricket saw Notts win the NatWest Cup along with their fourth county championship in 1987 before arguably their most famous title in 1989 when Eddie Hemmings hit four off the last ball to secure the Benson & Hedges Cup at Lords.

In 1991 Notts won the Sunday League title for the first time and in 2005 would lift the newly split county championship after promotion from Division Two the year previous. In 2010 Notts would win their sixth long format title and in recent times have shone in the shorter format winning the YB40 in 2013 before the Royal One Day Cup and T20 final in 2017. In 2019 Notts were relegated from the County Championship First Division but bounced back in 2020 by winning the T20 final for a second time and in 2022 regained promotion by winning the second division title.

2023 results & fixtures (men)

06.04.23 Hampshire (a) 185 & 177-231 & 132/2 *lost

13.04.23 Somerset (h) 256 & 211-173 & 129 *won

20.04.23 Middlesex (a) 364 & 158/6 dec-274 & 249/6 *lost

04.05.23 Lancashire (h) 249 & 138/9-214 & 329/8 *draw

11.05.23 Northamptonshire (a) 255-158 & 72 *won

18.05.23 Essex (h) 442 & 97/4-298 & 362/8 *draw

26.05.23 Derbyshire Falcons (h) 182/6-178/6 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

27.05.23 Lancashire Lightning (a) 186/5-208/4 (T20 Blast North Group) *lost

29.05.23 Durham Jets (a) 171/5-168/6 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

30.05.23 Yorkshire Vikings (h) 174/4-182/7 (T20 Blast North Group) *lost

02.06.23 Worcestershire Rapids (h) 170-226/5 (T20 Blast North Group) *lost

03.06.23 Birmingham Bears (a) 214/3-203/9 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

04.06.23 Lancashire Lightning (h) 149/5-145 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

08.06.23 Durham Jets (h) 187/7-161/9 (T20 Blast North Group)

09.06.23 Derbyshire Falcons (a) 143/7-142/6 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

11.06.23 Warwickshire (h) 155 & 464/6-571/9 dec *draw

18.06.23 Northamptonshire Steelbacks (a) 99-177/5 (T20 Blast North Group) *lost

20.06.23 Leicestershire Foxes (a) 165/8-143/8 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

22.06.23 Worcestershire Rapids (a) 139/8-140/5 (T20 Blast North Group) *lost

25.06.23 Somerset (a) 186 & 92-163 & 514/8 dec *lost

30.06.23 Birmingham Bears (h) 168-172/8 (T20 Blast North Group) *lost

02.07.23 Leicestershire Foxes (h) 168/8-164/8 (T20 Blast North Group) *won

07.07.23 Somerset (a) 157/6-158/5 (T20 Blast Quarter Finals) *lost

10.07.23 Surrey (a) 399 & 118/1-355 & 340 *draw

19.07.23 Hampshire (h) 100 & 294-166 & 344/6 dec *lost

25.07.23 Kent (h) 350 & 372/6 dec-316 & 85 *won

30.07.23 Norfolk (a) tba (National Cup)

03.08.23 Essex Eagles (a) tba (One Day Cup)

05.08.23 Yorkshire Vikings (h) tba (One Day Cup)

08.08.23 Leicestershire Foxes (a) tba (One Day Cup)

11.08.23 Hampshire Hawks (h) tba (One Day Cup)

13.08.23 Surrey (h) tba (One Day Cup)

15.08.23 Middlesex (a) tba (One Day Cup)

17.08.23 Kent Spitfires (a) tba (One Day Cup)

22.08.23 Lancashire (h) tba (One Day Cup)

10.09.23 Kent (a) 11:00

19.09.23 Lancashire (a) 11:00

26.09.23 Middlesex (h) 11:00

*County Championship Division One unless stated (in brackets)

2023 full squad (men)

Alex Hales, Ben Duckett, Ben Slater, Brett Hutton, Calvin Harrison, Dane Paterson, Dane Schadendorf, Colin Munro, Haseeb Hameed, Fateh Singh, James Hayes, Jake Ball, Joe Clarke, James Pattinson, Liam Patterson-White, Luke Fletcher, Lyndon James, Matt Carter, Liam Price, Samit Patel, Steven Mullaney, Sammy King, Stuart Broad, Toby Pettman, Tom Moores, Olly Stone, Tom Loten, Shaheen Afridi.

2023 results & fixtures (women)

16.04.23 Lancashire (h)

16.04.23 Scotland (h)

23.04.23 North East Warriors (h)

23.04.23 Yorkshire (a)

08.05.23 Cumbria (a)

08.05.23 Derbyshire (a)

*Women’s County T20 Group 1 unless stated (in brackets)

2023 full squad (women)

Hannah Hughes, Ella Porter, Jodie Cook, Teresa Graves, Yvonne Graves, Lucy Higham, Sonia Odedra, Michaela Kirk, Maddie Ward, Amy Gauvrit, Amelia Kite, Rhiannon Knowling-Davies, Sophie Munro, Rebecca Widdowson.