Happy International Women’s Day – Hewitt & Tudor

“It’s the small things that makes a big change.”

This International Women’s Day, 2021, the Nottingham Sport caught up with several of Nottinghamshire’s finest, sporting ladies, to chat about this years’ theme #ChooseToChallenge.

Here, we chat with Nottingham Forest Women’s duo Georgia Hewitt and Sophie Tudor, about their thoughts around experiences, gender bias, inclusivity, and more, in regards that of women’s football.

United on all points, the duo know that coverage, both in the media, and social media circles, is paramount to the increasing the interest in the women’s game.

“I think that, in order to make women’s football, ‘better,’ is from a social media perspective,” began Sophie.

“The more coverage we do get, the better the quality, the more spectators will come, and that’s something that needs to be kick-started, showing that professionalism across the board.”

“Yes, we have quite a high engagement on Twitter,” adds Georgia.

“We’re continually popping up on socials, united in one cause, and the more we do that, then the more likely people will look at us more and see what we’re all about.”

‘Spikes’ is key to sporting progression, it happened around the London Olympics back in 2012, and in recent editions of cycling’s Tour de France.

It’s those moments where interest in particular sports is piqued due to the ongoing, constant coverage in which it receives, and, when in a technological age such as we are, there’s surely no reason why that can’t be a more regular occurrence.

“I was coaching around the time of the Women’s World Cup,” explained Sophie.

“We noticed that, at that time, and immediately afterwards, there was an increased interest in women’s football.”

The pay structure as well, that’s the key though,” interjects Georgia.

“There’s a big difference and that is huge thing, say between ourselves, and even Sunday League footballers, for example; they’re sometimes paid more than most women footballers are.”

What is more and more noticeable though is the increasing rise of interest in not only women’s football, but inclusivity on the whole, it’s slowly but surely.

“Yes, it is growing, it’s grown an unbelievable amount, and, with Barclays providing a great investment recently, that’s a game-changer in itself, but things also need to be changed for that to grow.”

Something which is key, to any and every individual, either growing up, or as they continue their journey through life, is that of the role model.

A key component in the mind-set of us all, the actions of one can, quite often, determine that of many others; for Sophie, and Georgia,, like has become apparent throughout the Forest set-up, there can be only one (not Highlander, apologies to the Clan MacLeod).

Captain and long-serving defender, Lyndsey Harkin, is a rather understandable choice for inspiration to many, and for several reasons.

“There’s some amazing girls in our team, at our club,” gushed Sophie.

“The more experienced players that are here, Lynno, and Annabel, everyone is just so genuine; and those two, they’re both great role models.

“Lynno, she’s a great player and an equally class mum, and everyone we know has the aspiration to be like she is.”

“We’re constantly having to remind ourselves that she’s also a mum,” states Georgia.

“She’s someone who has a constant ability to play at a higher level, and we admire her what she’s done for Doncaster, and more importantly, here at Forest.”

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*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @Josh Dixon Nottingham Forest Women have huge levels of quality in their team.

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