Iain McCulloch – The Flying Scotsman

Iain McCulloch remains one of Notts County’s all-time favourite players.

He was a core component of Jimmy Sirrel and Howard Wilkinson’s famous team of the early 80s.

His 54 goals in 263 games helped Notts line up alongside Nottingham Forest in the top flight of English football from 1981.

In a new edition of the Magpie Circle podcast, McCulloch revisits a great decade for football in Nottingham.

He talks about his relationship with Jimmy Sirrel, playing against Alex Ferguson in Scotland, fellow Scot Don Masson and a second half hat-trick against West Bromwich Albion.

He recalls battles – quite literally – with Nottingham Forest in derby clashes.

And how he bears no malice towards Manchester United keeper Gary Bailey after an infamous collision saw his suffer a career-ending broken leg.

Iain went on to settle in Nottingham and managed on the local scene with Plessey and Arnold Town.

To watch the first of a two-part interview with the Magpie Circle and Iain McCulloch see below…

Thursday 29th July 2021

Part two will be available from tomorrow (Friday 30th July 2021).

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*Main image @PON_NCC Iain McCulloch in his Notts County playing days.

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