Ellis Wins Debut Bout

Originally scheduled for five, the Scott Calow Promotions/Boxing Connected fight night at the North Notts Arena, in Worksop, still portrayed four, top-quality contests, this past Saturday night.

Both Joe Underwood Hughes, 7-0 (1), and Ryan Amos, 7-0, had their seventh, pro outing, Declan Cairns, 4-0 (1), had his fourth as a professional, whilst there was a hugely successful debut for the four-time national amateur champion, Marcus Ellis, 1-0 (1).

For Scott Calow, the Nottingham fight promoter, the number of fights didn’t faze him, he being more concerned about getting his fighters some much-needed ring time.

“I was going to put on five fights, be we got away with the four,” Scott told the Nottingham Sport.

“I’d promised Marcus (Ellis) that he’d have his debut before Christmas, and, although it should have happened sooner, it was good to be able to get him out.

“Joe (Hughes) and Ryan (Amos) meanwhile, it was good for them both to be able to fight again before moving up next year.”

Talking of his three fighters, Marcus, Joe and Ryan, whilst also looking ahead to Chad Sugden’s comeback, Scott told us a little about their outings, and what what’s next, possible plans for 2022.

In what everyone knows is a cut-throat sport, industry, Calow is also pleased he took out a promoters licence of his own, doing so in order to provide further opportunities.

“Yes, I applied for my licence in order to keep my fighters active,” explained Scott.

“Otherwise, you become heavily reliant, on promoters elsewhere, which can be more difficult when it comes to fight dates, and the fighters themselves.

“So, putting shows on like the Worksop one, it really helps.”

One-by-one, Scott Calow said of the Worksop show that –

MARCUS ELLIS debut, KO1, vs. Kyle Boothman, 0-2, Blackpool

“Marcus was exactly what you’d expect him to be, and he didn’t disappoint.

“He’d already had a lot of really good sparring ahead of this and he handled the occasion, and the fight, really well.

“His opponent though, he really couldn’t do anything with Marcus and he was picked off with some well-timed, nice shots.”

RYAN AMOS, won PTS4, vs. Luke Middleton, 2-14-2, Langold

“Ryan is ready to make the step-up and always improving.

“If I’m honest though, he should be fighting at a much higher level that he was at the weekend.

“Both Ryan, and Joe, we’re hoping to be challenging for titles soon.”

JOE UNDERWOOD HUGHES, won PTS4, vs. Taka Bembere, 1-21 (1), Oldham

“Joe really put on a boxing masterclass against Bembere.

“He’s ready to step-up and yes, we’re disappointed his fight was dropped for six, to four rounds, it is what it is.

“Now though, we’ll be looking at what’s happening with the Midlands title, and if we can do something there.

“We definitely need to look at what options are available.”

DECLAN CAIRNS, won PTS4, vs. George Rogers, 0-1-1, Whetstone

“It was good that we could get him on the show; he’s a really good fighter, which showed, and a good ticket-seller.”

With the North Notts show now firmly put to bed, local focus for Scott Calow Promotions will, eventually start gearing up to the Harvey Hadden Sports Village, on 26 March, where he already has Joe Hughes, Ryan Amos, and others, pencilled in, including a couple of debutants, in what is expected to be a 12-fight card.

Before then however, Calow takes his promotions bandwagon back to Essex, in the run-up to Christmas, and the return of former British title challenger, Chad Sugden, 11-2-1 (4).

Taking place on 11 December at the Circus tavern, Purfleet, Scott finished by providing an update on Chad, who’s last contest was for the British Light Heavyweight title, in August 2020

“This’ll be Chad’s comeback fight after having surgery,” admits Scott.

“He’s has to have it on both shoulders, after his loss last year to Shakan Pitters; it was needed anyway.

“He’s got a good fan-base, and we know he’s already taking well over a hundred with him, to Essex.

“It’s just a case of getting him back out there though, and see what happens, keep him active, and get him right back into that title picture, soon.”

(NB – Coming Soon, we’ll be catching up with Chad Sugden over the coming weeks ahead of his Essex comeback)

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @ScottCalow Ellis raises hand after victory on debut.

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