Bradley Ready To Step Up In 2022

Double combat sport specialist, Calverton’s Jordan Bradley (Crabtree), is preparing to step up through the gears in 2022 and see where professional boxing takes, alongside his other specialist subject, that of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Bradley, who enjoyed a relatively successfully amateur boxing career under the guidance of the likes of Clinton McPhilbin, only turned professional at the start of March, as the away fighter, on the Scott Calow-promoted show in Purfleet, Essex.

As fight aficionados know, being the away fighter is one tough ask, and, unless you claim a stoppage win, the decision, more often than not, ends up with the home fighter, for Bradley, not only was he the away fighter in Purfleet, but it was also his professional debut,

Opposing that of Ipswich-based, Portuguese fighter, Angelo Antonia, Bradley pulled out all the stops to come away with a more-than-credible, debut draw, referee Chas Coakley scoring the contest 38-38 after the scheduled, four rounds of boxing.

But that’s not the whole story, Bradley would also be seen to compete several times in BJJ, training for two separate, combat sports, in the run-up to his debut – feel for his wife, Aimee Crabtree, and the family, well she certainly knows what to do when he does go into ‘fight mode.’

“I started the BJJ last year, and got a Bronze medal in the Nottingham Open,” began Jordan.

Then I travelled to Manchester, on my own, with two, dislocated toes, and came away with a silver medal.

“It’s all grappling in BJJ, but I just wanted to do something else, and I don’t do things by halves really.

“Aimee knows though, I’m grumpy if I’m not training, or hitting anything, and, because of that, she sends me to the gym.

“She’s great though, and we have a busy, family life, which Aimee keeps things going.”

In turning over into the paid ranks of boxing, Jordan had to wait some time before making that professional debut, McPhilbin a key instigator in that transition, but it’s been tough that’s for sure.

“Prior to my debut, the last time I fought (boxing) was in the amateurs in early 2020,” continued Jordan.

“I only got my licence in August last year, and then endured a few struggles, with opponents and the like, that’s why I took the away fight, with an unbeaten prospect.

“I’d spoken to a number of people who’d been there, as the away fighter, and I was already accustomed to it really, in the amateurs, so it wasn’t that difficult.”

Starting out though, a number of years ago, it was a mixed run that would see him start out at St. Georges in his early teens, before a return, after being ‘fed-up,’ in his early twenties.

That was down to Clinton McPhilbin, someone who has been by Jordan’s for many-a-year.

“Clinton, he talked me into coming back into the sport, and although I lost a few, early fights, I knuckled down, and concentrated more.

“After St. Georges, we moved over to Arnold, somewhere which I had the most of my success, going on to defend the local time some five times, and got myself the East Midlands title.

“Then, before a move to Phoenix, I injured my ankle, then had a couple of fights before covid hit.

“I was still training a little bit, dipping in-and-out, before Clinton put me in touch with Scott (Calow) and, although I put pressure on myself, I always do, I thought I’d just give it a go.”

Now though, moving forward, it’s hoped that he can get a good few fights in with Scott Calow/Boxing Connected, and he can progress, however long he want to.

“There’s a few fights lined up on the road, as well a possible home show to come,” explained Jordan.

“It was also good to be able to go to the Phoenix (amateur boxing club) home show, I enjoyed doing that.

“But, when I did turn over, I said I’d give it two years and see what happens.

“I’ll just take it one fight at a time, because you don’t know what’s round the corner.”

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @scottcalow Jordan Bradley is looking for a big 2022.

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