Hurricane Hopewell Ready For Second Coming

The wait is almost over as Nottingham’s next boxer prepares to make what, in essence, is a second, professional debut.

Not only content with being Worksop’s first, female, professional boxer, Nicola ‘Hurricane’ Hopewell, who enjoyed an unbeaten, six-fight run under BIBA (British & Irish Boxing Association) auspices, is readying herself for her BBBofC (British Boxing Board of Control) debut later in the year, having finally been granted her fight licence.

Managed by Joe Elfidh and promoted by Scott Calow/Boxing Connected, the female super flyweight, one who classes ‘The Blonde Bomber’ herself, Ebanie Bridges, within her close circle of friends, is more than ready to get back out there, and go again.

“I feel more than ready to start again,” explained an excitable Nicola.

“It feels like a brand new start for me, so I’m really excited about it all.

“Yes, I had six fights with BIBA, winning five via stoppage, and won the European title there, but this, it’s different, another level.

“I had a good amateur career, over thirty fights, and won some titles (East Midlands champion five years running, 2015-19; National Elute Championships semi-finalist 2017/18/19; East Midlands, and Central England flyweight champion; numerous Gold, and Silver, medals), before turning pro, with BIBA, under my former coach.

“I soon realised though, that I could only fight certain opponents, challenge for certain titles, and that’s a big difference (between the two organisations).”

Now though, having severed ties with her former coach late last year, and linked up with that of Joe and Scott, Nicola used the time between to recharge.

A fight having fallen through late last year afforded the opportunity, over the holiday season, to make necessary changes, whilst also being able to spend quality time over Christmas and New Year, with family and friends.

That time away from the ring itself, she still trained, they always do, afforded the Worksop fighter quality thinking time, and now has a clear mind as to what her future path could be.

“I took a lot of time, sat down and really thought about it all, thought about what I really wanted, moving forward,” continued Nicola.

“This year (2022) began with a new start for me, starting fresh, with a clean slate.

“When I made the decision to change, the support, the encouragement, I had from others, was a very positive one, including at my new gym.

“We’re all pulling in the same direction.”

So, in moving forward under BBBofC guidelines, ‘Hurricane’ Hopewell, although trading at super flyweight, will also be looking at the divisions either side for possible challenges, with that of flyweight, and bantamweight, boasting opportunities.

Of those three divisions, the current, number one ranked fighters (BoxRec) are Lauren ‘Lionheart’ Parker, 6-1-1(1), Chloe Watson (flyweight) 3-0, and Shannon ‘Baby Face Assassin’ Courtenay (bantamweight) 7-2(3) – meaning there’s plenty there for the ‘Hurricane’ to whirl her way through.

“It’s just a case of, now, waiting and seeing for when my debut may be,” explained Nicola.

“We’ve got a plan in place and I’d like to look at a title opportunity in say, 12-18 months.

“I’ll trust my team though, and just concentrate on my first few fights, especially as the support, sponsors, are still behind me, and I’m thankful for that.

“As for the process itself, with the Boxing Board, that’s taken around six months, even though I did feel at times like I was being pushed to the bottom of the pile (she smiled).

“I was eventually signed off not long before the recent, Worksop show, but we weren’t prepared to take any chances for then.”

The coming months, that’s about training, and preparing for, a future in the pro fight game, her future, as a professional boxer.

The support network is there, both in, and out of the ring, for fight camps etc, for the ‘Hurricane,’ whilst also having moved to Worksop’s Anytime Fitness (Babbage Way).

“They reached out to me, and offered to help me with my training,” concluded Nicola.

“Support like that, it’s great, and I’ve the added bonus of making new friends along the way, people who are helping me keep on track, like Marfisia Lanza, who’s helped so much with my nutrition.

“At present though, my normal, training regime is boxing on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, strength & conditioning on a Monday and Friday/Saturday, among other training routines during the week.

“This’ll change though, when I finally get that fight date, and go into a full fight camp.”

Alongside Anytime Fitness, and Marfisia Lanza (Mar-Fit PT), ‘Hurricane’ Hopewell would like to thank the following sponsors 7core Electrical Wholesale Ltd, The Mallard Worksop, Shiatsu Shane, Riches Boxing, BRS Electrical Limited, and JTM Building.

Interested in sponsoring Nicola ‘Hurricane’ Hopewell? Want to keep up-to-date with training regimes, and fight dates, then follow her via her socials on Facebook and Twitter.

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @NicolaHopewell is Worksop’s first female pro-boxer.

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