Williams Magpies Continue To Impress

Notts County 2-0 Aldershot Town (National League) 13.09.22

Seven game unbeaten run continued to eight, four convincing wins on the bounce, three clean sheets, twelve goals, twelve points. A lot to list it seems but that is just how good we are currently.

Now then, I could continue praising this team, but let’s talk last night.

If I am going to be completely honest, I felt we were the second best of the two in the opening stages of the game. Understandably, as the momentum was halted due to the country’s sad event over the past week, but it was noticeable that the boys were struggling to hit the levels we left off at in Dagenham last weekend that is for sure.

We were extremely lucky not to be behind. In fact, besides Geraldo Bajrami we could argue the left goalpost ahead of the KOP was our man of the match as Shots hit it on two occasions, each time coming closer yet found themselves extremely unlucky in the end. However, I do feel that was the wake-up call we required to really kick into life and push on for the eventual victory.

Now, let’s address that penalty incident. If you had to show a clip of something you felt was a stonewall penalty, you would show that virtual assault on Kyle Cameron. Referees have a difficult job understandably but when you still gibe no penalty when a player quite literally breaks his nose because of the impact of a tackle, there is not much more you can say other than a massive, massive mistake. Thankfully, all was forgiven with the result but the most relieved man for that had to be the man in the middle because that would have been the talking point if things resulted differently without a doubt.

The second half we really came to life and looked like the team that blew Dagenham and Redbridge out the water. The atmosphere inside the stadium and the quality of football that was being played on the pitch, you just knew it was only a matter of the time before we took the lead.

Courtesy of the reliable Cedwyn Scott, we took that deserved lead just nine minutes beyond the restart. This is where you must give massive credit to Geraldo Bajrami as that assist was simply incredible. To gain the ball on the halfway line and travel deep into the Aldershot penalty area shrugging off several challenges was massively impressive and the ball across the box to Cedwyn Scott was a striker’s dream. When a forward like Scott gets the ball to feet like he did, the rest is always history. Close-range strike converted, and the game was won from that point onwards.

When do we ever attend games these days and feel Macaulay Langstaff will not get his name on the scoresheet? Never, I know and well, this game was no different. It is almost inevitable at this point but when you get a ball into the box of the quality Aaron Nemane delivered you can hardly miss. Not only the cross, but the whole passing move that led to the goal was simply incredible and it really showed the shift in quality under Luke Williams in comparison to Ian Burchnall last campaign. When the ball went into the box, it was a matter of ‘Macca’s in there’ and when that is the case you know you have a good chance of scoring. Scoring and Macaulay Langstaff, really does go together but the finish here was deadly. The movement across the box was unstoppable likewise the shot that eventually entered the back of the net and made it 2-0.

From this point onwards, Notts remained classy whilst playing in cruise control. Massive, massive win as is every win this season. Another three points on the board, unbeaten and playing with some good style.

Two key positives to point out:

The first being Sam Slocombe. Ever since the arrival of Brad Young, Sam has been nothing short of incredible proving that healthy competition is important and really gets the best out of others as has been the case here. Three clean sheets in the past three games for our number one and as always, some fantastic stops tonight at 0-0 that really kept us level, especially the second from the rebound off the post. I still do not and will never understand how he managed to stop that from close range, but he managed it. Also, the improvement on distribution recently has been noticeable. Sam looks more and more confident with the ball at his feet as well as commanding his box. Our shot-stopper can be consistent, but I would go as far as saying this is as good as he has been since his first season at the club. Currently, he is playing out of skin and silencing any past critiques he had comfortably and confidently.

The second being the intensity we are beginning to play with. We showed signs of it against Solihull and really have taken off since. The most impressive thing for me is seeing how much effort is put into the game and then to see the pressing in threes and fours in the ninetieth minute and beyond whilst being evidently leggy is just staggering. It is a key change that is forever evident under Luke Williams that the high press has been unreal. Last season we used to sit back and let the opposition press us, now we have put the shoe on our foot and have begun to take the fight for the ball to our opposition. All you can really say is that it is massively helping us defend and that it is something that will really help us out this year in the bigger games. Long may it continue for the sake of our own good.

Up next, Dorking Wanderers. A first trip to the Meadowbank for myself and I imagine almost all the expected 600 travelling. The only thing that matters is the victory at this point, keep the three points rolling and the unbeaten run going. We are playing in a style of champions, let’s hope it reflects in silverware come May.

Here is to many more wins this season and as always, Come On You Pies!

Notts County: Slocombe, Nemane, Brindley (Rawlinson 55), Bajrami, Cameron, Chicksen, O’Brien, Palmer, Rodrigues, Scott (Castro 68), Langstaff (Mitchell 68).

Aldershot Town: Ashby-Hammond, Davies, Pillips (Alfa 86), Klass (Bettache 75), Panayiotou (Amartey 74), Harfield, Glover, Cordner, Effiong, Amaluzor, Willard.

Venue: Meadow Lane

*Article provided by K-Ci Rennicks (Notts County Correspondent).

*Main image @Official_NCFC captain Kyle Cameron celebrates with ten goal hero Macaulay Langstaff.

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