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As women’s football continues to grow, Mansfield Town are there, at the forefront of it all.

At Saturday’s goalless draw with Sutton United, in the EFL League Two, the Her Game Too campaign, and local ambassador, Emma Penlington, were out in force to show that football, like other sports, really is #HerGameToo.

Initially scheduled to have taken place at the, eventually postponed, home game with Leyton Orient, a few weeks earlier, showing support for what was, then, International Women’s Day, everything was moved back a couple of weeks.

Here, at the Nottingham Sport, we caught with Emma Penlington for a chat, about what’s happening, both at the club, and the #HerGameToo campaign as a whole, a campaign that is still, very much so, in its formative stages.

“It’s all very new, very early days, and I’ve only been in this role for a few months,” explained Emma, about her becoming the Mansfield Town Ambassador.

“I’ve been a Mansfield Town fan for over two decades and we’ve always had amazing experiences here.

“It is very much a family-orientated club and, following the success of the Lionesses (England Women winning the European Championships, summer 2022), we, and especially at Mansfield, needed to get out there more.”

Whether it be the men, the women, the academy, or elsewhere, there’s seemingly, always something going on, at the One Call Stadium, the home of Mansfield Town.

The women’s game, interest in it continues to rise, and rightly so; the abilities, skill levels, the passion, it’s all there and more, at women’s football matches, not just here in England, but across the globe.

The Stags’ women’s team, And Bell’s side are itching for promotion from the East Midlands Women’s Regional Football League (they’re presently in the top three ahead of a trip to Meadow Lane, and Notts County, on Monday 27 March).

“Personally, I want to continue pushing the women’s game more,” continued Emma.

“Especially as I’ve had differing, yet positive experiences, here; the club is always looking at equality as a whole, trying everything together, whilst also putting individual messages out there.”

A chief supporter of Emma’s and the #HerGameToo campaigns’ drive, and initiative, has been none other than the Mansfield Town CEO, Carolyn Radford.

Having joined the club coming up two years ago now, following her husband, John Radford’s purchase of the Stags a decade earlier, Mrs Radford has been a grand source of support for Emma, and the vision of placing the women’s game, on a level footing as the men’s.

“Carolyn (Radford), she’s amazing, and I’ve known her for a while now,” explained Emma, of her blooming relationship with the Stags supremo.

“We get on really well, so it’s nice to be able to have her backing.

“There’s a lot going on though, alongside those at Mansfield Matters (podcast), but communication levels, they’re really good, and there’s a number of groups around at the minute, including ‘Proud Stags.’”

“We’ll continue to work together though, continue talking, because it’s important as we work towards the same goals.”

Those goals, they form as strong a part of the #HerGameToo campaign as anything; building on the success of the Lionesses, here in England, with other nations across the globe doing similar, to bring about a level of equality.

“I do feel that the women’s game is getting out there more, primarily because of the success of the Lionesses,” added Emma.

“It’s great seeing the next generation excited, and wanting to come along; that’s all I can say really, get yourselves along to a game.

“To date we’ve been running this campaign for around two years, and it started because of a video which went viral, quickly.

“They’ve done a really great job since then as well, and we now have ambassadors at a number of clubs around the country.

“We’re trying to help local teams so that it’s positive, educational, and so that people can get involved however they want to, whether that be as a fan, playing/coaching, or working within the game itself, it all helps to promote the cause.”

And promoting the cause is what Emma, and her cohorts, continue to do; the women’s game, it was around way back when, history tells us as much, and it’s around now, so support it, support your mothers and daughters, and sister and aunts – they’re just as good!

Keep up-to-date with the Her Game Too campaign via their Facebook, Twitter and website hergametoo.co.uk and follow Emma Penlington via here twitter here.

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @emloupenlington Her Game Too Ambassador and Mansfield Town fan Emma Penlington.

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