Novey Goes Fishing (Cromwell – Where Else)

Back on Cromwell lakes for May’s Blog Noveygoesfishing.

Blessed with a 48hr session This trip so definitely wanted to make the most of the extra 24hrs.

A very pleasant Friday morning on arrival to the lake a few showers forecast over the 48hrs but nothing too heavy. A quick brew with the gaffer Nathan and onto my favourite peg 18.

The shallower end of the lake, bit of weed in front but nothing to worry about. Had Two PB’s in One session a couple of years ago 37lb then 37.8lb still my PB to this day.

So end tackle

1) 18mm Bollie 15mm Pop up known as a Snowman rig.

2) 15mm Wafter.

3) 3ft Zig with Black foam.

Bait, Maize 8mm pellet with a good soaking of Sriracha Sauce.

Two rods fished 22-23 wraps out One towards a plateau and the Second just short of a gravel bar. I did’nt want to sit right on the bar in daylight hours due to the birdlife. Out on the boat they went. The Zig out in front of the house where I had already spotted a fish show.

Biscuit of the day Tuc Cheese Biscuit after the Belly Buster Breakfast Cob.

A couple of Heineken’s later on.

The day passed quickly and uneventfully to be honest, still fish showing in front of the house but still nothing to show for it.

After Tea, Lamb Kebabs cabbage Red onion Greek Flatbread with a dollop of Tzatziki settled down for the night.

Morning soon arrived with the rods sitting motionless without a single bleep. Bite time soon passed so in came the rods quick shower then the plan for the day ahead. Only change really put the zig to 5ft from 3ft and removed the maize and replaced by some boilie crumb. Back on the spot they went.

Bacon and Mushroom cobs with a dabble of daddy’s and a squirt of American Mustard. Just what was needed to soak the nights Heineken’s.

Morning soon became afternoon and around 1.30pm the Zig melted off and I was in. ( Yeah Boy).

After a short scrap, I had her in the net. A beautiful long Mirror at 22lb 8oz Absolutely in stunning condition. Definitely a fish for the future. After a couple of photo’s back she went. Finally off the mark. I decided to forgo another bottom bait and set up another 5ft Zig with the same Black foam. Still fancied my chances with fish still around the house swim.

Cracked open a beer and I was optimistic for the night ahead. Pizza on order (Spicy Mexican BTW) Then on the bed to watch The Bin Dippers play Brentford.

8pm I’m only in again the zig doing the damage again ( Yeah Boy) A lovely 14lb 7oz Mirror. Not the biggest in the lake, but a stunning fish. Complementary shots and back she went. Zigs went back out and I baited the Third rod and back on the spot for the night. I went to just under 3 ft as dark approached. The bird life dies down during dark hours. A beer to celebrate with the last slice of Pizza before bed.

Around 11.40pm I was woken with a single bleep on the bottom bait rod. A couple more then a couple more. A very strange bite! Blurry eyed I stood watching the bobbin move up beep the drop. Very strange. I noticed the line lay different on the other two rods as the middle alarm let off a couple of bleeps. I lifted the middle rod up and noticed some line across it. I managed to grab the end thinking I’d pick it up from a trailing fish. so I started to pull on the line by hand and bring in what seemed like weed. Not realising I’m pulling in the line from the bottom bait rod. I’m now pulling the line right close to the bank thinking it’s a great big ball of weed. The next minute a big white belly rolled just under the surface. (Bugger) I’ve got 23 wraps worth of line all tangled on the bank with no chance of reeling it in so I held on to the line and pulled the fish towards me. Belly up in she came and boom Third fish in the net. Biggest at bang on 23lb. I’ll take that!  A couple of shots and back she went.

Now the trauma sorting out the carnage the fish left. Probably another hour, hour and a half all rods back in then back in the pit I went.

The night passed without any more action and as usual the rain paid a visit as I packed up.

A happy Novey & Donkey left Cromwell with 3 fish on the bank.

Until next time.

Tight Lines


*Article provided by Matt Nowak (Fishing Correspondent).

*Main image @mattnowak catch of the day at Cromwell Lakes.

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