Westin Michaud: Panthers Player Breakdown

Westin Michaud, a diminutive yet highly effective forward for the Nottingham Panthers, has been a standout player throughout the season. His recent performances in the last five games have been particularly impressive, contributing significantly to the Panthers’ success with 7 points out of a possible 10, including 1 goal and an outstanding 14 assists. Michaud’s impact goes beyond statistics; here’s a breakdown of his game and what makes him a dominant force in the EIHL. 

  1. Smooth Skating:

Michaud’s skating ability is a cornerstone of his success. Despite being 5’9, his speed and agility are crucial components of his playing style. With impressive straight-line speed, quick feet, and mastery of edges, Michaud can accelerate explosively, outmaneuver opponents, and change direction swiftly. His unique skating style, staying relatively upright, allows him to react to plays more effectively. Michaud’s use of edges is a trademark, enabling quick stops, agile moves, and the ability to turn defenders inside out. Michaud’s ability to open his hips up and sell fake plays makes his skating that much better. His skating prowess is exemplified in the provided clip, showcasing his ability to change direction and create space for teammates. Watch how he moves his feet and hips in the clip. 

  1. Offensive Play:

Michaud’s offensive impact is remarkable, driven primarily by his exceptional playmaking ability. Analysing the statistics, Michaud has the second lowest shot attempts among Panthers’ forwards, a testament to his pass-first approach. With 28 assists on the season, his elite passing range is evident whether he is making a long-range pass or a little touch, he executes these perfectly. He reads the game with exceptional intelligence, combining skating and play-reading to gain a crucial element in hockey – time. His ability to sell fake passes, open his hips to misdirect defenders, and patiently wait for plays to develop is exceptional. Michaud’s soft hands and puck protection skills further contribute to his playmaking prowess, creating opportunities for teammates. Clips 2 and 3 illustrate his playmaking IQ and patience. 


No matter where Michaud is in the offensive zone, he can protect the puck well and draw defenders in to make space for his forwards. Using his composure and IQ he can manipulate almost any defender in the EIHL. In summary, Michaud’s offensive effectiveness is driven by his intelligence, skating, and patience, making him a highly valuable playmaker. 

  1. Defensive Prowess:

Despite his offensive impact, Michaud doesn’t neglect his defensive responsibilities. His two-way game is characterized by a relentless motor, allowing him to apply constant pressure on opponents. Despite his size, Michaud efficiently competes along the boards and adeptly uses his quickness to win back possession.  

In the defensive zone, he positions himself close to his defenders, providing a reliable outlet to relieve pressure. An intriguing aspect of his defensive play is his ability to get under opponents’ skin, as Will Cullen found out the hard way in the provided clip. 


Westin Michaud’s diverse skill set, combining offensive prowess, defensive commitment, and a unique skating style, makes him a coveted asset for any team. His recent exceptional form, highlighted by Logan Neilson in a recent interview as the young forward stated, ‘Playing with Westy (Westin Michaud) makes my life so easy’ and ‘all the guy does is pass me the puck… as soon as he gets it, I try to get open for him, he is a ridiculously smart hockey player.’ His ability to create time and space for himself and teammates, coupled with his intelligence on the ice suggests to me that Michaud’s impressive form will continue, and he will solidify himself as a key player for the Nottingham Panthers. 

*Article provided by Joe Maciag (Ice Hockey Correspondent).

*Main image @PanthersImages Westin Michaud has been a standout Panthers player this season.

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