Keeping The Keepers Union Happy

The ‘keepers union is strong, and thriving, at Nottingham Forest, just ask their goalkeeping coach, Amy Page.

Arriving towards the latter stages of 2018, Amy, 29, has made a relative impact on that of Aja Aguirre and Georgina Eden-Hasler, as well as the clubs’ Development, and RTC shot-stoppers, and they’re all loving it.

Amy though, her own footballing experiences would begin over two decades ago, she having followed in her fathers’ footsteps in being lifelong Mansfield Town fans but, as chance has, a sense of déjà vu, often works out, Amy’s career has crossed paths with that of her father’s.

“I’d been going to Mansfield since I was three-years-old and, what is weird, is that, with my father and I both being Mansfield fans, we both ended up at Chesterfield,” began Amy.

“I went there, from Welbeck, and it was so natural for me, something I just loved and had a passion for.

“In fact I would stay with Chesterfield until I went to University, where I played for both the University, and Lincoln Ladies.”

It was whilst at University that Amy’s penchant for the coaching side of the beautiful game began to come to the fore.

That coaching route, after University, would lead Amy, in late 2018, to join the backroom team at Nottingham Forest Women, where she would also come across a former foe – although she didn’t know it at the time, only finding out over the past few months.

“Forest, they gave me a great chance to be able to coach at a higher level,” smiled Amy, recalling her arrival with the Reds.

“My first experience with the club was against Derby County, and one of Aja’s (first choice ‘keeper Aja Aguirre) first games.

“She loves a good derby match does Aja, and that’s something which is great for me as well.

“It is a big challenge though, a big responsibility, but we’ve for cracking ‘keepers at the club and I love getting the best out of Aja, Georgina, they have very high standards.

“But I’m lucky here, at the moment, with the abundance of talented ‘keepers, with the addition of Development and RTC players, it affords more options when we’re training.”

As for that ‘old foe,’ that can be traced back to Amy’s early days, way back to Welbeck, when she was starting out.

“Yes, I only found out a few months ago that myself, and a current Forest player, have crossed paths before,” states a bemused Amy.

“When I was at Welbeck, we played against Lynno’s (Forest captain, Lyndsey Harkin) Forest side – I think we got smashed something like 10-0 that day.”

Although due to the ongoing, global pandemic, Amy’s time at the club has been hampered by ‘outside forces,’ the club is blessed by a talented, experienced backroom, who’ve kept the Forest momentum ticking over.

With Amy, she continues to flourish, going as far as, a couple of years ago, founding Pleasley Stags Girls (in the Nottinghamshire Girls and Ladies League), alongside her sister, Jemma Page (Welfare and Communications Officer).

“We only had a short space of time to be able to set up our own club, but it’s been an absolute blessing,” explained Amy.

“When we started they were U13s, they’re now U16s and I’ll be looking to develop them moving forward, more as we’ve been on pause for a while now; but it’s a dream to see my players move on to bigger and better things.”

Mind you, behind every great coach, is a great set of people, including Jemma, who Amy knows will always be there for the ride.

“Coaching is my fun, my enjoyment, and I’m very lucky to have great girls, and even better, the parents.

“And Jemma, I’m her absolute hero, and she talked me into doing this; she’s always someone I look towards myself.”

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @Josh Dixon Amy soon to be back working the team in training.

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