Hurricane Hopewell Ready To Rumble

Dream venue? Professional debut? Both boxes will be ticked on Friday night when Worksop boxer, Nicola ‘Hurricane’ Hopewell, steps into the ring at Bramall Lane, Sheffield, on the Dennis Hobson Jnr (Fight Academy) fight-card.

In opposing 29-year-old Slovakian veteran, Claudia Ferenczi, 20-96-8(10), Hopewell could not have been afforded a much tougher opponent for her professional bow, and she can’t wait, neither can her fan base.

A self-confessed Sheffield United fan, Hopewell, a decorated, amateur boxer, knows that, among her support ringside will be family members that helped sway her other sporting love, that of ‘The Blades.’

“My uncle, and cousin, got me following The Blades when I was quite young,” admitted Hopewell, prior to fight night.

“I’ve even been to a good few derbies, and some games between United, and Nottingham Forest.

“But I’m always repping The Blades, so much so people often think I don’t have any other clothes,” she laughed, “so this, to fight at Bramall Lane, is an absolute dream for me.

“Along with venues like the Nottingham Arena, Bramall Lane was a dream venue for me to fight at (once turning professional) and when my manager, Joe Elfidh, called to say he’d got me on the card there, I couldn’t believe it.”

Although ranked 115 in the world (at bantamweight), Hopewell’s opponent, Claudia Ferenczi, is almost certainly a tough, first outing for Worksop’s first, female, professional boxer.

Of her 120+ outings, and twenty successes, there has also been ten stoppage wins, and she’s rarely been stopped herself, despite the high volume of losses on her record; that though, doesn’t faze the Worksop Blade.

“Although my opponent could have been easier, I’m glad that it’s a tough fight, and a durable opponent at that,” admitted Hopewell.

“I’m expecting it to be good punch-up, especially as she (Ferenczi) trades at differing weights.

“I’m excited though, and I’ve watched some her fights, like the one with Carly Skelly (in April 2020, Skelly won PTS4).

“She’s experienced, we know that, so we’ll just have to see as to what can be done on the night.

“It’ll be over 6x2s, which we’re happy with as well, because I don’t really want to be hanging about, although I also know that anything can happen.”

In waiting for her licence to be finally granted by the BBBofC, Hopewell just missed out on debuting on a recent, Worksop show, which would have meant a home debut for her, but, she’s more than happy with what is happening now.

Fight night itself will see her come out to Katy Perry’s ‘Roar,’ “a more upbeat, different version of it,” before attention will turn to the rest of the year, and want her camp has lined up for after the Ferenczi fight.

“Hopefully Joe (Elfidh) is able to get show on in Worksop, late in the year,” continued Hopewell.

“I’ve trained hard all year for this one, so all the work is done; this just feels bigger, more exciting, than previous outings.

“I do want to fight in Worksop though, that would be nice, but the Arena (Nottingham), alongside Bramall Lance, are just two of my dream venues on the list to fight at.”

At the Platinum Suite, Bramall Lane, Sheffield, Nicola Hopewell opposes Claudia Ferenczi, over 6×2, on the Dennis Hobson Jnr (Fight Academy) show, on Friday 26 August.

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @NicolaHopewell the Hurricane (centre) has been in training ahead of her fight.

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