Joe Worrall Goes Fishing

One whole year ago we brought you our most iconic sporting piece to date, titled Cricketers Go Fishing (which can be read here) and highlighting the fabulous catches that some of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club’s finest had ever-made whilst wearing waders.

Luke Fletcher’s big snapper, Steven Mullaney’s banjo shark… A Nottingham Sport Exclusive not told by any other sporting publication on the planet (not even them at Nottinghamshire Live), you heard it here first…

After a poll of six votes we even found out that Cromwell Lakes was the best place to fish in the county… Bringing fishing back to dozens of readers on site… We really don’t talk about the love for this magnificent sport enough, so fitting, a year after the official first lockdown begun, a year after we searched for sports that ‘we’ could do under original lockdown restriction.. And we are back.. BIGGER, BETTER, WOZZA!

Nottingham Forest captain (sometimes) is Mr Nottingham Forest himself, Joseph Adrian Worrall, a true red, born and bred, red running through his veins, he’s Hucknall his home and has made 100 appearances and more for the side he loves… I imagine folklore will have him full kit, capital one logo blazoned across his chest running around Titchfield Park as a boy with his mates, pretending to be a young John Terry… I see him lifting the European Cup under the Marinakis regime in ten years’ time, still a red, only bit part by then, sub not used on the day in the Munich Stadium, ripping off his tracky to go full kit w*nker in the same way JT did on several occasions for Chelsea… That’s the sort of bloke he is… Proper English, proper patriot, homegrown, a man’s man… Which gets us back on to fishing!

All men’s men love fishing… Big Luke, the Bulwell Bomber from Notts CCC, he loves fishing… Big Joe, the Hucknall Harrier from Forest… He loves fishing!

I first noticed Joe’s love in the early summer of last year… Photographed topless, he tweeted the words ‘mirror carp’ followed by “lovely jubbley”

A couple of days later he was in Papplewick with a very pretty young lady and two decent sized catches with his dad in the background of the photo in Joes words “looking like an 80’s track and field coach”.

In June 2020 Joe went back down what he now nicknames as ‘Pap Lakes’ in full Canada Goose Coat on a wet looking day for a bit of carp… He even had the audacity to mimic Ryan Yates for catching what looked like a sardine a few days later… Novice poor Yatesy lad… Although he looked pleased as punch with what must have been his fishing debut.

Amateurs aside, Joe was back, bigger and better to show the world of twitter a beautiful bream which he caught in full Forest tracksuit.. 9 retweets and 1,001 likes… Proper fishing by a proper man who posed for the photo, cap on back to front.

A spot of football may have delayed joe’s return to the waters… Concentrating on points over pounds and ounces between the season start and new year, Worrall was putting in performance after performance for the Reds, results not always going to plan, but body on the line, this side distraction of fishing was clearly not an issue for the big centre back who continued to impress during his day job… Secretly however he couldn’t wait to get his tackle out… And by Christmas he was at it again…

December 30th 2020 a monumental day… “First ever pike today, 8lb 8 on Chesterfield Canal” just 24 hours after a 1-1 draw with Stoke when a Lewis Grabban error cost the Reds a goal against… Nick Inwood saying “good job Grabbs wasn’t controlling the landing net” whilst NeilB stated “Put that on the near post for our next corner”… Jazz, bringing it back to fishing, tweeting ‘great catch’ as Simon Gill responded ‘nice one Joe’… Mark NFFC posed the question ‘dead bait or lure?’….

Poor Mark never did get an answer…

Ever since, Wozza has been quiet on all things fishing front… Back to the day job, football again has pushed his rod and bait to the back of the pantry, but with a bit of time on his hands now and the recent warmer weather allowing the Canada Goose Coat to come off… The international window has given Joe the chance for some quality time again beside the waters…

Yesterday he was back at it… “14lb 8 mirror carp” another cracking catch, the big burly centre back pleased as punch… No doubt they’ll be more of the same to come this summer, and we’ll be highlighting every great catch our most famous and respected Nottingham Sports men and women make!!!



If you want to continue Joe’s story please give him a follow on Twitter and enjoy but respect the fish!

*Article provided by Daniel Peacock (Editor).

*Main image @JoeWorrall5 the man himself with another fabulous catch.

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