Daws Beaten For First Time

Nottingham born boxer Brad Daws was beaten for the first time in his pro-career last night as the 24-year-old (now 6-1) lost to the unbeaten Mark McKeown (4-0) in Bolton.

The fight undercarded an MTK Global Event which saw Gavin Gwynne win the vacant commonwealth lightweight title after beating the previously unbeaten Sean McComb.

Daws himself losing his six round super featherweight bout after admitting “I got clipped with a good shot and didn’t recover”.

The fight lasted only two rounds and was frantic with both fighters exchanging blows in the centre of the ring from the first bell and a big body shot on the klaxons of round number one left Daws struggling going into round two.

Quickly in to the second round a double jab right hand from the impressive McKeown was enough to take Daws down before another knockdown seconds later ended the fight.

Daws who was in great shape unfortunately met his match on the night, saying “I’m heartbroken, not going to lie, I worked my arse off for tonight but it wasn’t meant to be”

“Hurts me to say it, well done Mark, but I’ll be back”.

*Main image @MTKGlobal Daws in action against McKeown who was too good on the night.

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