Legally Blondes – Part Two

Alongside teammate Olivia Cook, Beeston-born 19-year-old attacker, Katie Middleton, is also studying a Law degree, the difference here being that Katie’s is an LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology programme, at Nottingham Trent University.

They both share a burgeoning passion for true crime/crime dramas, and both harbour strong aspirations to progress along their chosen career paths, on, and off the football field.

On the field hers is a commitment to the club which goes back to her youth, just over a decade now, having joined the clubs’ Centre of Excellence, before moving onto the RTC, and in turn, just three years ago, at 16-years-old, making her first-team debut.

“I actually began playing football when I was 6-7-years old,” began Katie.

“That was with a local boys’ team, before I joined Forest’s Centre of Excellence at eight, then the RTC at 14.

“It’s hard to believe, looking back, that I’ve been here for so long, but I’ve enjoyed working my way through the ranks even though it all didn’t become real until I was sixteen and playing for the first team.

“My first memory pulling on that jersey, was scoring a hat-trick against Welsh side TNS in the cup.”

Although only in the first team for the past couple of years, and with the current, 2020-21 campaign near non-existent, Katie has already seen the club undergo, and be part of, several changes.

It’s been those changes that continue to push the Forest attacker to better herself, which she continues to do on the field, and in her academic studies.

“With the new players coming in, it pushed me to focus more on my own fitness levels and on-field attributes,” continued Katie.

“There’s a really good squad here though and we’ve been doing really well, so, with what’s happening now, it’s frustrating, both that and the not knowing what’s going on.

“All I’ve been doing is keeping the fitness levels up as it’s quite hard to have any kind of competitive edge right now.

“That and I’ve been using the time to look more into the nutritional side of things.”

Keeping her occupied, away from the football, is her Law with Criminology degree, something which, understandably, Katie is pleased for the distraction.

“If I’m honest it’s been difficult and takes up so much of my time, but it’s been very enjoyable,” added Katie.

“And with Liv also doing Law, I’m so glad of that as we can, and do, spend so much time chatting away about our respective Law degrees.

“I studied Law for my A-Levels alongside Psychology (a common theme through the Forest set-up), and Sociology, although I didn’t apply myself to it as much as I really should have.

“I’ve not been the creative type whereas I’ve always enjoyed the more academic side, and Law is just very definitive – plus I’ve always had an interest in crime serials, hence why I’m studying Law with Criminology.”

Now, with the aim of gaining that seemingly long-overdue promotion with Forest, the rally cry the same across the board whereas on a personal level: “I’m aiming towards working in a Law firm, or in the legal sector.

“Going into coaching (after football) isn’t an option though as it’s not something I’ve enjoyed doing.”

*Article provided by Peter Mann (Senior Correspondent).

*Main image @Josh Dixon nineteen year old Katie Middleton first joined the Forest set up aged 8.

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