Jack Colback’s Left Boot

Not many better goals have been scored at the City Ground than the left footed thunderbolt volley by Jack Colback in the 4-0 demolition last night against West Bromwich Albion, but questions on whether ‘he’ meant it? Or not? Will define whether it can ‘really’ be considered as one of the ‘greatest Nottingham Forest goals of all time’.

The fact that we are even having this debate, is of course a good start to whether it’s ‘up there’ already compared on Twitter and the Socials with Marco van Basten and that brilliant 1988 Euro Final goal against USSR.

At the ‘world famous’ it compares to the likes of Archie Gemmill and his Match of the Day ‘goal of the season’ against Arsenal in 1977/78, Johnny Metgod and that rocket free kick against West Ham United in 1986, Stuart Pearce, likewise, crashing in off the bar against Coventry City in 1989, Stan Collymore and his solo effort against Wimbledon in 1994, Lewis McGugan from 40 yards verses Ipswich in 2010, or one I really enjoyed supplied by McGugan, Simon Cox’s juggling effort against Birmingham in 2012, all an ‘I was there moment’ but whilst ‘all’ those mentioned ‘clearly’ meant to go for goal, the outstanding question is ‘did Jack really go for it’ from such an acute angle on the left wing?

When asked after the match, interviewed alongside James Garner by the Sky cameras, his instant response was “Yeah 100% yeah” as his sidekick Garner chuckled away, Colback continued “I just thought I would hit it, I’ve hit it towards goal and it was nice to see it go in” When asked if Colback had ever tried anything like that before, the Ginger Pirlo jokingly replied “No, but I just need the service”.

Garner, himself was less certain about Colback’s intentions, saying “I’m not sure if he meant it, but I know he’s got the technique”.

Only one man will ever know the truth, but to know if Colback meant it or not, you need to dissect the action.

After receiving the ball back from his own throw-in, Colback instantly connected hitting the ball as hard as he possibly could, whilst cutting through it, left footed using a slicing action. Fans in the stadium could hear the thud, the groans of the crowd when he did it, almost in slow motion were of appraisal, knowing that something special was about to happen… You don’t get that feeling when someone is trying to purposely cross the ball.

Reasons for Colback not to cross at that particular point, players were only just arriving in the box, the goalkeepers position allowed for some space over his head, and the way the left foot connected with the ball, to swing inwards, meaning that it would have been difficult for anyone to get a header on it, purposely swayed the ball goal bound. Reasons for going for goal in the first place, the ball sat nicely to ‘have a go’ regardless of the angle and the lack of options inside the box may have given little other incentive to simply ‘dink it in an area’ or space, with Forest 3-0 and cruising it would have been worth the effort to ‘hit it’, rather than just trying to play a square ball back or in field.

For Colback the connection certainly resulted in something very worthwhile and special indeed, the main executionist will have used his experience and knowledge to hit through the ball, with a vision targeting the back post, that it could ‘potentially’ go all the way in, whilst if it takes a nick or deflection along the way, it could fall very handily to an on-rushing striker. The strike may not entirely be purpose built to find the back of the net in one outcome, but the intentions were certainly there to give Baggies goalkeeper David Button some serious trouble. Some serious trouble it found him in too.

One brilliant view of the goal came from Reds fan Des Oldham on Twitter, who sat in behind, the Upper Tier Bridgford Stand, you could hear the beautiful sound of the ball leaving Colback’s boot, the crowd anticipating during its flight before roaring with delight, the more you watch this angle, the more you believe Colback meant it.

Whether or not you agree? You’ll have to admit, for visuals and velocity it is quite the most stunning goal scored at the City Ground in recent times at least, the power of Metgod, the movement of McGugan, the left foot of Pearce, all from a makeshift left back who’s simply playing his part in this very special team.

Goal of the season? Certainly? The best goal ever scored at the City Ground? Well as one great man, who seen a few, once similarly said… “I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it’s certainly in the top one”.

Agree? Disagree? Share us your thoughts below on the best goal you have seen scored at the home of Nottingham Forest?

*Article provided by Daniel Peacock (Editor).

*Main image @NFFC Jack Colback in disbelief after scoring his ‘worldy’.

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